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Are you looking for the perfect chess set to elevate your game? Look no further than Amazon. With a wide selection of quality chess sets, from traditional to modern designs, Amazon has become the go-to destination for chess enthusiasts of all levels. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best chess sets on Amazon in 2023. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these sets will make your chess game more exciting and enjoyable.

1. Staunton Chess Set

First on our list is the classic Staunton Chess Set, one of the most popular designs for traditional chess players. These sets are made of high-quality wood such as rosewood, ebony, or maple, giving them a luxurious and elegant look. The pieces are hand-carved with intricate details, making each one unique. Staunton Chess Sets come in various sizes, from standard tournament size to travel sets for on-the-go play.

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staunton chess set wood

AMEROUS 15″ Magnetic Set

Handmade with high quality wooden material, the smooth surface of the entire chess board ensures optimal touch comfort while playing chess and checkers game. 2 extra queens are added to the board as free accessories at your disposal.

2. Magnetic Chess Set

If you’re a frequent traveler or enjoy playing chess on the go, a magnetic chess set is a must-have. These sets feature a magnetic board and pieces, ensuring that your game stays intact even on bumpy rides or in windy outdoor settings. You can find a variety of designs and sizes on Amazon, including foldable boards for easy storage.

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vahome chess set magnetic

Vahome 15″ Magnetic Set

Made of pine and peach wood material, smooth surface with magnetism, neatly cut, without sharp edges. The large chess board measures 15 inches x 15 inches, and 1.61 In for each square.

3. Chess Armory Wooden Chess Set

The Chess Armory Wooden Chess Set is perfect for both beginners and advanced players alike. The set comes with a folding board, making it easy to store and transport. The pieces are made of durable wood and have felt-bottoms to protect the board from scratches. This set also includes an instruction manual for beginners and a storage bag for the chess pieces.

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Chess Armory Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

Chess Armory 15″ Magnetic

Made of pine and peach wood material, smooth surface with magnetism, neatly cut, without sharp edges. The large chess board measures 15 inches x 15 inches, and 1.61 In for each square.

4. Themed Chess Set

For those looking for something unique and fun, themed chess sets are the way to go. You can find sets based on popular TV shows, movies, and even pop culture icons. These sets add a touch of personality to your game and make a great conversation starter. Some popular themed sets on Amazon include Harry Potter chess set, Game of Thrones chess set, and Marvel superheroes chess set.

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USAOPOLY Super Mario

Collectible Super Mario Chess Set: Experience the thrill of chess with a nostalgic twist! This collector’s edition features iconic Super Mario Bros. characters in classic poses as your chess pieces.

5. Glass Chess Set

If you’re looking for a modern and sleek chess set, consider opting for a glass or marble chess set. These sets are made of high-quality glass and come in various designs, including frosted or clear pieces. The transparent board adds an interesting element to the game as you can see through the moves being made. Some glass chess sets on Amazon also come with LED lights, making them perfect for playing in the dark.

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Srenta Glass Chess Set

From pros, collectors to beginners, adults & kids… this marvelous looking clear chess board game set is your favorite chess hobby companion. Its looks so graceful and doesn’t take up too much space.

6. Travel Chess Sets

For avid chess players always on the go, a travel chess set is a must-have. These sets are compact and easy to carry, making them perfect for long flights or road trips. You can find travel chess sets on Amazon that come in leather cases, roll-up boards, or even keychain versions. Despite their small size, these sets still offer sturdy and durable pieces for a quality game.

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Ventureboard is a unique 6-inch magnetic chess set that rolls up into a hard shell leaving the pieces in place! It unrolls from a compact shell with pieces stored in their starting positions so no set-up time is needed for chess.

7. Wooden Chess Sets

For a classic and traditional chess set, go for one made of wood. These sets are often handcrafted and have intricate designs on the boards and pieces. You can find wooden chess sets on Amazon in various wood types such as walnut, maple, and rosewood. Some sets even come with chess clocks for those serious about timed games.


In conclusion, Amazon offers a wide variety of high-quality chess sets that cater to every player’s preference and style. From traditional wooden sets to themed and travel options, there is something for everyone.


1. What is the Staunton Chess Set?

The Staunton is a pattern which comprises the chess pieces that are commonly recognized by most enthusiasts. In this pattern or design, the king stands as the tallest piece, featuring a cross atop its head. The knight is represented by a horse’s head, and the rook takes on the appearance of a stylized castle. These iconic pieces are referred to as being part of the Staunton pattern.

2. What makes the Staunton Chess Set a standout option?

The Staunton Chess Set is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. The pieces are easily distinguishable, and the chessboard has clear and defined squares for smooth and precise movement. It also offers portability and storage convenience with a dedicated storage box or bag.

3. What are the advantages of a magnetic chess set?

A magnetic chess set is perfect for those on the move. The magnetic pieces securely attach to the board, ensuring the game remains intact during bumpy journeys. The set is portable, lightweight, and offers stability on flat or uneven surfaces, making it suitable for outdoor activities.

4. What are the features of the Chess Armory Wooden Chess Set?

The Chess Armory Wooden Chess Set is made from high-quality wood and showcases intricate hand-carved designs. It offers an authentic and sophisticated playing experience with its weight and feel. The set is durable and can be passed down as a cherished heirloom with proper care and maintenance.

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